20th International Scientific-Practical Conference



 Scientific articles are accepted for publication, corresponding to the conference profile and reflecting the results of theoretical and experimental research by the authors. It is not allowed to send already published articles to the organizing committee, or articles sent for publication to other publications.

    The article should have:

  • relevance (the problematic of the article should be of interest to the scientific community in terms of the current development of science and technology);

  • scientific nature (the article should consider the scientific aspects of the problem being solved, even if the task itself has practical value);

  • novelty (the results presented in the article should have a scientific novelty).

  The article should be devoted to the solution of a certain task / problem, to reveal its essence, to give directions and solutions. The article should be clearly structured, i.e. should contain sections generally accepted in scientific publications, namely:

  • introduction;

  • relevance, scientific significance of the issue with a brief review of the literature;

  • problem statement;

  • theoretical part;

  • practical significance, suggestions and results of implementations, the results of experimental studies;

  • conclusions (conclusion).

    The results presented in the article should be substantiated with the help of one or another scientific toolkit: mathematical conclusion, experimentally, mathematical modeling, etc., so that they can be considered sufficiently reliable. The article should represent a complete cycle of holistic research, i.e. it must begin with the formulation of the problem, and end with a reliable solution of this problem. Ideas should be brought to the level of law, laws, dependencies, models, methods, algorithms, etc. It is necessary to prove the truth of the idea, its adequacy, usefulness. The results presented in the article should be formulated as scientific statements that clearly define the essence of the contribution to science.

      The article should be written in a language understandable to the average expert in the relevant field. Common technical terms should be used.

    Scientific articles (reports) should contain:

  • title;

  • information about the authors (last name, initials; place of work, city, country; email address);

  • annotation in the volume from 100 to 120 words;

  • a list of keywords or phrases;

  • bibliography.

     The number of authors of one article is no more than four. The number of articles that a speaker can publish in one collection - no more than two.

      The article should be typed in accordance with the rules and template. The above points (title, information about the authors, abstract, list of key words) should also be presented in the English version. The volume of the manuscript of the article, designed in accordance with the above requirements, should not exceed 6 pages. Articles of greater volume can be accepted for publication by decision of the organizing committee as an exception.


     The Organizing Committee reserves the right not to accept work, executed with deviations from the requirements.

Dear authors, we draw your attention to the need to provide additional documents indicated in the section "Registration".